Am I burnt out?

You are not burnt out and I have proof. This discussion. A truly burnt out person would not have even bothered. (Kinda like claiming you’re over your ex-girlfriend but still wonder what she’s doing all day long). The fact that you asked is not an admission of giving up; it is a cry for help. You still really want this.

I go through what you are experiencing all the time. There are days when I can’t stay awake at my terminal. Sometimes I hit a road block and wonder how I’ll ever get by. I usually step away for a time, but here is my real secret…

Pick one little thing that needs to get done, no matter how small or unimportant it may seem. If I’m really down, I pick some mundane task like refactoring 25 lines of code, manually updating 50 records, or even changing some naming conventions. But not something big like solving a client-server architecture problem. Hell, that’s the reason I’m already down. One other thing - the task must be in the heart of your project; cleaning off your desk or reading a journal don’t count. Then do the task. Completely. You’ll feel a little better, I promise. The next day, do it again, maybe with a slightly bigger task. And again. And again. Who knows, you may be feeling a lot better before you know it.

I have no idea if my advice can help save your project, but I do know you still want to. Use others for support. You are not alone.