Are the any advantages for single founders

Top 10 Reasons for Being a Single Founder 

10. You spend 0 time debating technical issues that have already been decided. 

9. You spend 0 time refereeing personal differences among the other co-founders. 

8. You spend 0 time wondering why they can’t keep up with you, or why they’re doing something other than what you have already agreed upon. 

7. You learn every part of your business. You never worry what’s happening outside of “your turf”. 

6. You can always find a sympathetic ear to discuss a technical, marketing, or business issue. For free. 

5. You can always find someone else to socialize with, with no impact on your business. For free. 

4. You are not going to get hit by a bus. 

3. If your significant other wants more of your time, give them a picture of the new house, car, jewelry, or NBA franchise they will own if they exercise some patience. They’re the only other one that really matters. 

2. You get real good setting up your schedule to work best for you, with “head down” time, and other time. 

And the best reason for being a single founder… 

1. You keep all of your equity. All of it.