Bad, Better, Best in IT

Bad: Cubicle
Better: Office 
Best: Whatever works best for you.

Bad: Meetings without agendas. 
Better: Meetings with agendas. 
Best: Meetings whose need is so obvious to everyone that no agenda is needed.

Bad: Specs, waterfall, Systems Development Life Cycle. 
Better: Prototyping, agile, scrum. 
Best: Developers with enough domain knowledge to just build it.

Bad: No documentation. 
Better: Documentation. 
Best: No documentation needed.

Bad: No formal process. 
Better: Formal process. 
Best: People so much bigger than their jobs so that process is rarely relied upon.

Bad: Theory without experience 
Better: Experience without theory 
Best: Both

Bad: Help desk without programmers. 
Better: Programmers available to customers. 
Best: Code that just works.

Bad: Phone calls 
Better: Emails 
Best: Application software that encapsulates required communication

Bad: Code with early exits. 
Better: Code without early exits. 
Best: Code so simple because of the underlying data structure that the early exit debate is moot.

Bad: Bugs 
Better: Fixes 
Best: Enough 9's to never notice.

Bad: programmer error 
Better: user error 
Best: What's an error?

Bad: Missing deadlines 
Better: Hitting deadlines 
Best: A track record so good that deadlines are never given

Bad: Complex org chart 
Better: Simple org chart 
Best: Technology so sophisticated, less people are needed

Bad: Non-technical boss 
Better: Technical boss 
Best: No boss

Bad: Management 
Better: Leadership 
Best: Self-motivation

Bad: Best practices, with a Capital "B" (industry standards) 
Better: best practices, with a small "b" (what we figured out) 
Best: Just do your job.