Becoming Senior

There’s a chasm you have to cross to become “senior”, whatever that means. One of the biggest skills you need to learn is not technical. That skill is understanding exactly how to apply our limited resources.

Should we worry about how well a certain module was written? Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes the answer really is, “It runs well and isn’t hurting anything, so let’s leave it alone. Opening up that can of worms dumps 47 new issues into our queue and now is not a good time to do that.” Or the answer may be, “This has to be
made right before we can add these 27 other things to the system or we’ll all be in deep sh*t.” How do you know which? Experience. Understanding the big picture. Understanding your customers and users. Understanding your dev team. You get the idea.

Taking on a lead role is not selling out if it’s used to expand your horizons and make you an all-around better dev person. When you return to full time development, you’ll be light years ahead of those who never had to manage the whole project. A little perspective goes a long way.