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Good Manager: Understands that developers are on the critical path: nothing "is" until someone writes some code.
Bad Manager: Thinks that developers are no different than business analysts, admins, or envelope stuffers, and treats them that way.

Good Manager:  Understands that formal process, while invaluable, is not infallible and must be augmented by the performance of excellent people.

Bad Manager: Forces creativity and determination to take a back seat to process.

Good Manager: Wants people to be "intrapreneurs", to feel as if they're running their own little "business within a business".
Bad Manager: Thinks that being "part of the team" is more important that getting work done, no matter what it takes.

Good Manager: Listens.
Bad Manager: Talks.

Good Manager: Strives to understand customer issues deeply as a basis for all technology decisions.
Bad Manager: Forces customers to fit into his vision of technology.

Good Manager: Prototypes and iterates in order to learn "what".
Bad Manager: The specs are the Bible, at least until Version 2.0.

Good Manager: Ready, Aim, Fire. Or when super speed is needed: Ready, Fire, Aim. 
Bad Manager: Fire. Fix. Fire. Fix. Fire. Fix.

Good Manager: Prioritizes "why"; facilitates "what"; accepts "how".
Bad Manager: Dictates "how". Blames when "what" doesn't match "why".

Good Manager: Daily interaction.
Bad Manager: He works here?

Good Manager: Leader.
Bad Manager: Politician.

Good Manager: Encourages customers to provide input and feedback.
Bad Manager: Depends upon training and documentation when customers don't "get it".

Good Manager: Encourages developers to identify their needs and is eager to satisfy them.
Bad Manager: Blames developers for missing deadlines when they lack the resources they need.

Good Manager: Offices or war rooms.
Bad Manager: Cubicles.

Good Manager: Intense interaction as needed.
Bad Manager: Meetings.

Good Manager: Has finger on the pulse of the organization.
Bad Manager: Needs town hall meetings and web conferences.

Good Manager: To foster moral, always strives to do the right thing.
Bad Manager: To foster moral, cheerleading and gimmicks.

Good Manager: Developers love coming to work.
Bad Manager: Developers love their work in spite of their company.

Good Manager: Googles you.
Bad Manager: Wants you go Google him.

Good Manager: Watches the project plans and schedules.
Bad Manager: Watches the clock.

Good Manager: Stays for years until our baby grows up.
Bad Manager: Moves on just before the smoke and mirrors clear up.

Good Manager: Worries about 2 things: Getting our work done and keeping our people.
Bad Manager: Worries about 2 things: How he looks and how he feels.