Have you ever been burnt out?

I have been programming continuously for 30 years and I’ve “never” been burnt out. In fact, I’m having more fun than ever. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

I have worked in 88 companies, either as a contractor or an employee. I have seen other scenarios play out many times. I have worked on the worst garbage code and dealt with incredibly nasty and incompetent people almost everywhere I’ve been. But I never let them beat me.

Only I get to decide how I feel about anything, especially work. When things have gone sour, which they almost always do, I have done everything I could to fix them, and when that wasn’t enough, I have moved on. I’ve always felt that one of my biggest strengths was the breadth of my experience. I use almost all of it every time I do something.

There’s now more hope and opportunity for true hackers than ever. It’s just a matter of continually finding your best place. Maybe a small service business. Maybe that perfect job. Maybe a startup. If all else fails, keep the lousy day job and hack away at something cool at night.

If you’re really burnt out, take a break. But make it your decision - don’t let the bastards take your inner hacker away. Ever.