How do you split your time up?

I’m guessing my split would be like:

sales & marketing - 10%
analysis - 15%
design - 5%
development - 50%
implementation - 10%
support - 10%

Testing is not a phase, it’s included in everything. Implementation includes deployment, training, and documentation.

Sales and marketing were never problems. There is business “everywhere”. I mention what I do everywhere I go (who doesn’t), and find business almost anywhere. Everyone uses software these days and everyone needs “something”. I’ve gotten 5 figure deals at parties, family functions, networking events, and mostly from word of mouth.

I love to hack, but I also love to talk about what I do. I may not be typical, but isn’t helping people with cool tech what it’s all about?

In my mind, the problem isn’t the time needed for selling and marketing. The real problem is that this kind of business (consultingware, one-off packages, lite package with customization, whatever you want to call it) isn’t scalable.

If my competitive advantage is better value because “the boss” (not some lightweight on an 800 number) is supporting you, then it’s also my biggest limitation. I only have so many hours in a year. Sure, I can extend myself with advanced methods and technology, but sooner or later, I hit my limit. That’s why it’s so important to find a way to convert your consultingware business into a product business. Not an easy feat, but surely worth the effort.