How do you stay so jazzed?

Wanna know the biggest difference between you and me? I’m pulled. You’re pushed. Let me explain…

I love building stuff. Nothing gives me a bigger rush than getting something working the first time . But I couldn’t care less about the technology. If an abacus, two tin cans on a string, or some BASIC code on a Kaypro II did the job, then that’s what I’d use.

What I really care about is how my software is used. And who uses it. There’s an endless stream of people who need stuff and an endless stream of problems to solve. For individuals, groups, and businesses. When I encounter a new problem to work on, I use whatever I can apply in my tool box. Sure, I have to upgrade that tool box every so often because I need more to solve my problems, not because I love the toys so much.

You sound like the opposite. You love the toys and look for places to use them.

My suggestion: Take a break from the technology and put yourself in more situations where people can share their problems. This will give real human meaning to the technology. I bet you’ll be chomping at the bit to build something for someone in no time. For me, being pulled by a demand motivates much better than being pushed by a supply. Maybe it can be for you too.