How perfect do you have to be?

I can attest that trying to hit a homerun and hitting only a single or double is still great. 

I tried to prove Ferman’s last theorem (years ago) for my senior project. I didn’t :-) But I turned in what I had and got an A+ and 4 invitations to grad school based on that paper alone. 

I entered my fraternity into a contest for Chapter of the Year. I didn’t care about the trophy; I only cared about what would happen to us by doing all the things needed to try for it. It worked. 

I have often tried to solve the biggest problem at some of my customers over the years, but didn’t. But all the little things I had to do to make the attempt turned into pretty good products and services anyway. Nothing wrong with trying to hit a homerun as long as you keep your wits about you and don’t let it become and win or go home proposition.