How should I handle a 1st customer meeting

First of all, remember that this is an INTRODUCTION, no more, no less. So take the following words out of your vocabulary right now: don’t, but, money, donations, profit, give, bring. You are there to get to know each other, that’s all. Be prepared to speak openly and honestly when asked. And be prepared to LISTEN. These are the best things you can do for him. 

I would not push anything in a first meeting, but I would be prepared to respond to any question. You don’t mention whether this introduction is over a meal - all the more reason to relax, take it easy, and enjoy. 

I would spend some time up front preparing. Mentally have a list of any possible question and your response. Also, learn something about the customer. You already have a mutual contact (your previous CEO), so you should have something interesting to talk about besides your project. Remember, he is interested in YOU as much as your work. Give him a chance to get to know you. 

Most of all, do or say something that will make him remember you, so whenever you follow up, he’ll immediately know who you are. A light discussion about the local football team or an activity one of his children is involved in may work. A hand written thank you note is always nice (Why doesn’t anyone do this much any more?) But beware: you MUST be sincere in whatever you say or do or you’ll look like a jerk and do more harm than good. 

Most of all, have a good time! And post back to let us know how it went. I, for one, will be looking for your post.