How to Write a Cover Letter

1. Write like you speak, as if told over coffee or beer. 

2. Informal, but not too casual. 

3. Right to the point; the first sentence is your summary. 

4. No bullshit, you’ll go straight to the garbage. 

5. If it sounds like bullshit, it is. 

6. Short. One minute good. Thirty seconds better. 

7. Tightly targeted! It’s about them as much as you.

8. Perfict speling and grammer. 

9. Highlight what’s important to them. (Do your homework.) 

10. Enthusiastic without sounding phony. 

11. Have friends read it. Get feedback. 

12. Does it sound like a good quick description of you? 

13. Have at least one differentiator. What makes you so special? 

14. Strong finish with a call to action.