Is there anything good about my job?

What’s good about it?
What’s good about it?
What’s good about it?

(I had to ask multiple times because we all know that the first couple of answers would be, “Nothing”.)

Every job, no matter how boring, is loaded with “stuff” that you “can” use to contribute to your long term progress.
It may be access to a user who’s an expert in their field and would love to share their expertise.

It may be a project that needs to be done, but no one else has time. And you can learn a lot of unexpected stuff from doing it.

It may be lots of interesting data on their hard drive that you can learn a lot from just by transversing and/or organizing.
It might even be proximity to a quiet coffee shop where no one would miss you.
It could be anything.
So if you’re stuck, then it’s your job to turn lemons into lemonade. (Practice turning lemons into lemonade is an invaluable skill on it’s own; just ask any entrepreneur.)

Now close your browser and make a list of 10 things you can try to get “some” value out of this job while you’re there. Then open your browser back up and let us know what they are.