Is this a good way to get motivated?

“There’s a way for me to make some money, but it requires that I setup a fairly complicated spreadsheet to monitor several variables.”

A “complicated spreadsheet” isn’t a requirement, it’s a roadblock. You’re making it harder for yourself by putting obstacles in front of yourself and then wondering why it’s so hard to make progress.

“I want to be rich. Filthy rich, even.”
Getting rich isn’t the goal. It’s a byproduct. You never even mention what your startup is going to do, who it’s going to help, or why you absolutely positively must do it. If you have something you “must” do, identify it and focus on it. If you don’t, find it. Everything else, including money, is just a detail.

“I take a break to ‘clear my head’.”

Clearing your head isn’t a necessary step, it’s an excuse. Again, if you have something you “must” do, you head is already plenty clear. If you don’t, then what are you clearing your head for?

In summary:

1. Find what you “must” do.
2. Start doing it. In case you don’t have something you “must” do, then just do something, anything. The process of doing will probably help you find your mission. The processes of thinking, preparing tools, and dreaming about money probably won’t.

A couple of minor pointers that have helped me:

1. If you have 2 computers, make one for work and the other for internet and “put them in different rooms”.

2. Throw your TV set into the dumpster.

3. When you have code to work on, be at your terminal, working on it (Mode 1).

4. When you don’t have code to write, be anywhere but your terminal with pencil and paper handy (Mode 2).

5. Start every day in Mode 1 and end every day (probably in bed) in Mode 2. Ending the day in Mode 2 in requisite to being able to start in Mode 1 the next day.

6. Take care of yourself.