Should I go into management?

As a former developer turned manager turned developer again, a few suggestions: 

1. “Never” lose your developer mindset. Personally, I have great difficulty respecting a non-technical manager of technicians. I bet I’m not the only one. 

2. Manage things. Get good at project management. Very good. A good plan, agreed upon, well built and administered, will always be your friend. Something for everyone to fall back on when things get hairy. 

3. Don’t “manage” people, lead them. Preferably by example. 

4. “Everyone” has problems. Now that you understand that, don’t let people’s problems interfere with their work or nothing will ever get done. 

5. Learn the difference between issues and details. Focus on the issues. Don’t waste too much time on the 

details. And get your team to do the same.

6. When all else fails, communicate. When all else goes well, still communicate. Never underestimate the power of communication. You’d be surprised how much slack others will cut you if you’re simply open and honest with them. 

7. Treat everyone else the way you’d like to be treated. (This goes for everyone, not just managers.) 

8. Listen at least as much as you talk. (This also goes for everyone, not just managers.) 

9. Get stuff done. And have fun doing it. 

10. Lighten up. You’ll be fine.