Should I try programming if I’m not sure?

I’m not going to try to motivate you, because only you can motivate yourself. I’m just going to share my perspective that might shed some light on your issue.

I had the same problem in college until a fraternity brother who had graduated 2 years before told me something I had never thought of. He said, “You may never have a better opportunity to explore and learn new things. Once you settle down with a career and family, all your time will be spoken for. So try everything! How will you know who you are and what you’re interested in unless you experiment?”

Some of the best advice I ever got, and since I was a sophomore at the time, I tried as much as I could for the next 2 1/2 years. I still majored in math and became a computer programmer, but I did a lot of stuff that I simply don’t have time for today. And I miss a lot of it. Back then, I thought humanities was boring, but what I would give for a few days off to curl up with a good book.

Sometimes you can learn a lot about something you are interested in by doing something totally different. Reading literature might help you write code. Music may help you with math. Working at the mall or living in a fraternity house could help you learn how to run a business.

At this point in your life, you still don’t know (for sure) what you’ll love and be good at for the rest of your life. So keep doing those things that “seem” like they’re boring and uninteresting. Many of them will be a waste of time, but there will certainly be a few pearls in there, too. Don’t miss the opportunity of discovering
them because you just want to stay in your comfort zone. Now is the best time to leave that comport zone and discover the other stuff. Eventually, you’ll be glad you did.