How can I get started in programming?

Oh how I wish I could share the joys of hacking with non-hackers, but that would be like describing the color blue to a blind man. You just gotta experience it yourself. There’s nothing like putting something together and seeing it work the first time. Even if it isn’t perfect, that first output is better than sex. Still makes make holler and jump out of my chair! (The output, not the sex.)

I would strongly suggest trying out one of the many “Build an App in x Days or Hours”. Grab a book or something on-line. They’re everywhere. Follow the instructions and do what they say. Build your app.

One of two things will happen: you’ll either feel like I do and you’ll be hooked. Or not. Either way is OK, but to not give it a shot this year would be a shame.

(By the way, you’ll probably find out that’s how the best of us got started. School is cool, but nothing replaces just doing it.)