Taking an On-Line Aptitude Test

The entire test was about a fictitious language, I forget what they named it. Every question built upon the previous. 

The first question was something like, “These are the definitions of variables: A string is… An integer is… A date is…” Then the question would be something like, “What can ‘15232’ be? a. an integer b. a string c. a date d. any of the above e. a and c”. 

Another question might be “Here are the rules of precedence… What is (1 + 2) * (3 + 4) / 3 a. 4 b. 2 c. 7 d. 12 e. Can’t tell for sure.” 

It got more and more complex, all in their own pseudocode. They covered branching, iteration, arithmetic operations, Boolean algebra, etc. Things most people here have seen a million times. Kinda like SATs for programmers.