The Programmer’s Aptitude Test

Don’t scroll down until you’re done.)

1. You push your cart through the supermarket 

a. In a pre-defined manner 

b. Randomly 

2. When watching football on TV, you focus on 

a. the quarterback 

b. the defensive linemen 

3. You drive to work 

a. the same route every day 

b. with a different route every once in a while 

4. Which card game do you prefer? 

a. bridge 

b. poker 

5. To plan for tomorrow's weather 

a. You check the TV or internet. 

b. You go outside, looking for signals. 

6. Who do you prefer? 

a. Andrew Carnegie 

b. Marie Curie 

7. You prefer 

a. your keyboard 

b. your mouse 

8. Which subject do you prefer? 

a. history 

b. literature 

9. Which would you rather do? 

a. take a walk in the woods 

b. a crossword puzzle 

10. Which is more important to you? 

a. time 

b. space 

Answer: If you tried to figure out (game) the test as you took it, you have a programmer’s aptitude. If not, you don’t, and probably don’t even understand this answer.