The Things That Go Without Saying

“1. OO code is less performant than procedural code” 

Never forget, the primary purpose of OO is to help “us”, not our users. OO is a great way to get junior people thinking a certain way, set standards, and make maintainability a little more manageable (usually). The only thing it really does for our users and customers is help us help them by making our lives a little easier. 

“2. The backend is the most important part of development” 

Sometimes I think we get this backward. Think about it. You can do almost anything you want on the back end and no one notices unless there’s a problem. The client side is a whole different story. It has to work perfectly no matter what browser or resolution your user arrives with, and it has to do it using a limited number of technologies, a small footprint, and with limited round trips to the server. It’s almost like it’s 1965 all over again. 

“3. Graphical designers are good at user interface design” 

UI design != UI function. It doesn’t matter how pretty it is if the user can’t figure out what to do or if it doesn’t “function” as expected.

“4. The existence of a superior programming language” 

Yea, some languages are better than others for certain things, but a expert practitioner of a seemingly inferior technology is almost always better than an average practitioner of a superior technology. To this very day, my mother can still “print” faster than any of us kids can “write”. Amazing. 

“5. XML is more economic than a DB” 

XML serves its purpose of being autodocumenting quite well. That’s all it does well. If you need to parse for any reason, almost any other format blows it away.