Weakness or Strength?

“Inability to absorb too many details verbally” = personal fortitude to insist that others show a modium of discipline and occasionally write down what they want 

“Inability to multi-task” = ability to focus 

“Inability to manage or even to see certain classes of mundane details” = ability to distinguish the difference between and “issue” and a “detail” 

“Inability to organize” = lack of the need to organize because of intense focus on the most important thing 

“Capable of working through entire books of information” because of the ability to distinguish between “issues” and “details” (see above) 

“Capable of coming up with pretty good project ideas on his own” = creativity

“unusual degree of empathy” = understands the “big picture” 

“Faults tend not to show up terribly badly” but only to those tuned in to the “superficial”, not the “important” 

“If he can team up with…” = understands synergy 

“Is this guy sick?” = a one eyed man in the land of the blind