What are the advantages of working at home?

Advantages of working at home:

1. Equipment I pick.
2. Furniture I pick.
3. Temperature I pick.
4. Lighting I pick.
5. Music I pick (without headphones!).
6. Clothing I pick (shorts in summer, sweatsuit in winter)
7. Food & drink I pick. (It's really good.)
8. Commute time = 1 minute per day.
9. No gas/car expense.
10. Almost no interruptions.
11. 6 people have my IP phone#.
12. 12 people have my cell phone#.
13. Everyone else --> email.
14. I check email when I'm ready, not them.
15. I set my task list (but still deliver as promised).
16. Can easily run errands any time.
17. Can easily do household tasks any time.
18. Much easier to schedule exercise.
19. See SO much more often.
20. 4 legged creatures make much better office mates.
21. People respect my time much more when I do visit the office.
22. Can more easily switch tasks.
23. Much easier to focus all the time.
24. I get twice as much done.