What are the basic modules in your library

1. basic form
2. form with multi-valued lines
3. form with data set (multi-valued parent/children)
4. form with grid
5. tabbed form
6. form with skins
7. batch (loop thru something)
8. batch update selected records in a table
9. batch dump table records --> .txt or .xml file
10. batch .txt or .xml file --> update table records
11. batch file --> create & populate database table
12. cut an email
13. traverse internal tree function
14. traverse file index(es)
15. build html from parameters
16. build javascript from parameters
17. build .pdf from parameters
18. build hp esc sequences from parameters
19. benchmark a process
20. how does that syntax work?
21. which way is faster?
22. batch string parser
23. batch source code search
24. batch source code changer

I have more, but I don’t have time to find them right now. OK, I think I’ll add:

 25. batch parse source code, identify routine for reuse