What did you learn in school?

You can find plenty of important life skills to be learned in school if you only look hard enough:

kindergarden - learn how to play nicely together

first grade - learn how to read and write

second grade - learn how to add, subtract, multiply, & divide

third grade - learn how to spell

fourth grade - learn how to play a musical instrument

fifth grade - learn how to appreciate great literature

sixth grade - learn how we got where we are

seventh grade - learn a foreign language

eighth grade - learn how to type and use a computer

ninth grade - learn how the world is put together

tenth grade - learn about other people in the world

eleventh grade - learn how to balance a job and school

twelveth grade - learn how to plan for and dream about the future

freshman year - learn how many other kinds of people are out there

sophomore year - learn how to chug a beer, fill a bong, and get laid

junior year - learn how to stand upon the shoulders of giants

senior year - learn how to find your place in the world

graduate school - learn how to play nicely together, all over again