What do small business owners care about?

Small business owners are always concerned about revenue. Always. They know there are 2 ways to solve almost any small business problem: (a) Work like hell on 42 different things, or (b) Add sales. Find a way to show them new orders and you will get their attention. 

Small business owners often feel like they must defeat someone else in order to win (whether it’s true or not). 

Always leave a little wiggle room in price or terms so that they can enjoy the feeling of a victorious negotiation. 

Small business owners appreciate simplicity. Confuse them with technology or jargon and they will move on to something they understand better. 

Small business owners understand the importance of other people in their business. Show them that you do too and that will go a long way toward your credibility. 

Every small business owner has a few pet peeves that drive them nuts. It might be the outrageous cost of something or how difficult it is to get something done. Discover and solve these things and you could go far. 

Small business owners are especially sensitive to bullshit. If you’re a poser, save yourself the trouble and move along. 

Small business owners often have a bigger “real mission” for being in business. Find out what that is and help them achieve it. They will really appreciate you for that.