What do you talk about with prospects?

Businesses in general are not looking to buy products or services. They are looking to solve their own problems. This is NOT a discussion about your product or service. It is a discovery of the thing that bites them in the ass (that they would do just about anything to get rid of). 

As you meet people (and you need to be out there in order to do this), you’ll have to let them know what you do or have in order to get the discussion going. After that, the discussion is entirely about their problem. 

“What do you do?” 

“We have a web service that does .” 

“Interesting. We’ve never been able to .” 

“Really? Why is that?” OR 

“Really? Tell me more about that?” OR 

“Really? Then why don’t you . We’ve had a lot of success helping do that.” 

You get the idea. 

Once you help them identify and articulate their problem, one of two things will happen, either you drive the dialogue into the next step in the process or you turn and run the other way. Either way, you both win.