What drives development?

I guess I’m a little bit different than others. 

I am TOTALLY guided by my customers. I wasn’t always this way. I used to think that something would be so cool, so I would build it, and often, the project went nowhere. I was fortunate to have a co-founder at one time who insisted that we sell it first, then develop it. I never completely came around to his way of thinking, but now I understand where he was coming from. 

My customers have never steered me wrong. They don’t waste my time. They only spend energy describing things that they really need, and invariably, others need the same things. 

The downside is that I never spend time working on my own pet projects. I KNOW I can build a better bridge game, fitness program, or home inventory program. I’d also love to blog. But all those things fall into the category of “No one else asked for it”, so I simply don’t spend time on them. Maybe some other time.