What if I’m not as good as someone else?

“If you’re capable of writing the best web framework in the world in your spare time, chances are you can also create a business at the same time.” 

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating yourself. 

I’m not suggesting that you’ll go out and write Rails in 3 weekends. What I am suggesting is that the more I meet “famous” hackers and the more I meet people from this community (online and offline), the more I realize that there’s not really all that much that separates us. 

Lot’s of people are obviously brilliant. And even for those who are a little less brilliant, brilliance is only one part of the equation. Work habits, determination, perseverence, passion, and maybe most of all, belief, are just as important. Don’t sell yourself short. 

I have no idea if I am as brilliant as others. Odds are against me. But he inspires me to achieve things just as cool as theirs. And I just know that I can. I suspect most people can too.