What is “Intellectual Horsepower”?

I used to be awfully hasty in judging others, “She is really smart,” or “He is so stupid”. Then I learned alot from my first mentor. He taught that there often isn’t much difference between someone who appears smart and someone who doesn’t. Perhaps no one spent enough time with them. Maybe they have other challenges, like family, health, or circumstances. Maybe they’re just a fish out of water, spending too much time on things that don’t interest him. Or maybe they appear dumb because they actually believe that they are. They’ve been told so many times that they now believe it. 

At first, he sounded like some hippie idealist. But the more we worked together, the more his teachings manifested themselves in the people we worked with. People who appeared dumb blossomed under different circumstances all the time. The were smart deep down inside where no one ever explored. (These people were mostly hourly workers who knew way more than their bosses about running the business.) 

To this day, when I see phrases like, “intellectual horsepower”, I cringe. We “smarties” aren’t that much smarter than most other people, if we are at all. 

And just to stay humble, remember: we’re all just one head injury from blissful ignorance.