What should I do in college?

Take science to discover something you're good at.

Take humanities to discover something you may love.

Take at least one art or music class.

Take at least one advanced math class.

Join a fraternity.

Learn how to play bridge (and play all night sometime).

Learn how to play foosball.

Get drunk.

Learn how to play foosball while drunk.

Play an intramural team sport.

Get a part time job.

Eat something you never tried before at least once/month.

Do original research.

Take a class you think you'll hate pass/fail.

Do 5 minutes at a comedy club on open mike night.

Hang out with a professor you like.

Do a web start-up on the side.

Make a few friends for life.

Go to at least one party each week.

Pick a major you love whether it makes career sense or not.

Get someone who has written one of your text books to sign it.

Blog about your college experience.

Go to Europe with nothing but a backpack for a month or two.

Enter a college talent show.

Meet as many interesting (and boring) people as you can.

Read good books.

Go without shoes for a week just for the hell of it.

Get laid.


If you don’t go to college, exactly when do you expect to do all of this?