What will you do for a prospective employer?

Simple. Whatever it takes without being uncomfortable about it. 

Things I will gladly do:

- phone interview with as many people as you like 

- physical interview until I think you have enough information to decide 

- share any of my work face to face 

- on-line third party evaluation (code test, personality, etc.) 

- review any of your system with you 

- code for you in person 

- sharing on-line information (including all hn posts) 

- doing up to 8 hours of free sample work 

- provide a referral if they are a better fit 

Things I strongly push:

- in depth discussion about the employer's situation 

- reverse interviewing employees with similar jobs 

Things I will gladly do, but only “after” a job offer:

- provide references 

- drug test 

- credit check

Things I will never do:

- have a generic resume (every one is uniquely targeted) 

- post any resume on-line 

- pay a fee 

- physical interview with a head-hunter 

- provide anyone else's proprietary information 

- "bad mouth" anyone else