What’s most important about work?

I absolutely “love” what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else. “However”…I have had very few jobs where I was happy. I think there are 2 primary reasons.

1. I want to work on what I want to work on. When I work on anything else, all I can think about is what I really want to work on. In a job situation, I rarely work on what I want. (OTOH, a job that has me working on what I want is usually a great job.)

2. I want to work when I want to work. Sometimes, 8 to 5 works, often it doesn’t. We were simply not meant to sit in cubicles without windows all day long. Enough said.
There are lots of other things most of us don’t like (difficult people, crappy code to maintain, poor management, difficult deadlines, etc.), but those are all part of the territory. I could live with them if I could work on what I want when I want.