Where can I get help starting a business?

I would ask for help from my current employer. 

This, of course, requires you to be completely open and honest about your desires and that they’re not jerks. 

They already think you’re a superstar, so it really won’t be that much of a surprise when you say something like, “I had so much fun ‘liberating our data’ that I’d like to start my own service business doing the same thing for others.” 

Smart business people like helping others, especially helping others get started. They seem so sense that the karma will eventually come back to them (and I believe they’re right). They also understand (even better than you) the business benefits of your work and can really help you focus your new business. 

Ask them (starting with the top person, of course) for guidance on how to get started. You may be surprised how much you learn from them and how willing they are to help. You may think you know how much your work has helped them, but I bet they have more to share that you don’t already know. 

They probably can be the source for great leads, their vendors, their customers, other companies in the boss’s CEO or Tech circle, golf buddies, who knows. For example, if your owner/president/CEO has an associate who would benefit from your services, “everyone” wins when he recommends you. 

As long as they don’t feel their core business threatened by your service business (helping their competitors), your own employer may be the best source for ideas and leads to starting your own service business. Give it a shot.