Why are relational databases so important?

Today’s action items: 

- Give me a list of good (lifetime sales > $10,000) customers on the west coast (CA, OR, WA) who bought any product on the defective list during busy season (10/06, 11/06, 12/06) and haven’t placed an order since our last email blast. We’ll find out why. 

- Give me a list of phone numbers (using our Caller ID) of people who called in the last 4 days, whose call wasn’t answered and had never called us before. We’ll call them back. 

- Give me a list of our slowest moving (10%) products that haven’t been ordered in the last 4 months that are sitting in prime space (Location beginning with 1,2, or 3) in the warehouse. We’ll move them to pallets to make room for new stuff. 

- Give me a list of all products returned from Territory 7 in the last 3 months with a Problem Code related to fit or size. We want to make sure their description is correct on the website.

I could go on (and on and on)…

Just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s obsolete. Maybe because it works so well.