Why do you hate bad design so much?

Bad design is “everywhere”… 

My old microwave oven had one control, a dial. Just put the food in and turn it. The whole dial represented 12 minutes, so just estimate how far to turn it. My new microwave has 22 buttons. I forget which is which. I have to turn on the lights and get my glasses. 

The previous owner installed vertical blinds on the double hung windows. Think about that. Impossible to have open windows without endless noise and movement. 

An office where I work is near an airport. They have a key card system that beeps with a successful swipe. So you can’t hear the beep when an airplane is passing overhead (every 5 minutes) and have to wait until it’s gone to get into the building. 

Another office has “gone green” and installed motion sensors everywhere to turn off lights not being used. Good luck finishing up in the restroom if you’ve been sitting too long. 

Some of my software asks “Save before exit?” whether I’ve changed anything or not. I got so tired of trying to remember if I had updated or only viewed, I just click “Yes” every time. Pointless. 

Every time the garbage truck drops the dumpster back down next door, 3 car alarms go off. No one ever responds, because they assume that it’s a false alarm. Not that big a deal until the garbage truck shows up at 4:00 a.m. on Saturday.

My TV remote has 33 buttons. So they’re so small, you have to stop and look at it to hit “Mute” or “Last Channel”, the only 2 buttons I ever use. Who designed this thing, a munchkin? 

The airports in Orlando, Philadelphia, San Jose, and Miami put the restaurants (not counting junk food) “outside” of security. So you have to wonder, “Do I have enough time to eat and then get through the line?” (Pittsburgh, Tampa, and Chicago Midway did it right.) 

The trunk release and gas cap release levers in my car are next to each other but not visible. It’s hard to pull one without the other. Seems like my gas cap door is always open. 

A theater we went to the other night only had aisles on the sides with 50 seats in between. Do your really want that great seat in the center knowing you may have to climb over 25 people if you need the restroom before the movie is over? 

Intersections that gridlock because of traffic from the next light. Too many to mention. 

Microsoft Windows.