Why should you fire bad customers?

Wanting it fast, good, and cheap is also a red flag for lots of other little bonuses, such as:

- You will constantly wait for them to make a decision. 

- It will be your fault they took so long to make a decision. 

- They will have emergencies of their own making. 

- It will be your fault they have emergencies. 

- They will commit to little or nothing on paper. 

- It's not their fault because they never committed to that. 

- You think you have specs; they think you're prototyping, so... 

- You will do much work 2 or 3 times. 

- They will constantly change priorities. 

- They will forget they changed priorities, so... 

- They will complain when a lower priority isn't done. 

- You won't get paid on time. 

- You will spend lots of time trying to get paid. 

- They will always find some excuse to not pay. 

- You may never get paid. 

- If it's good, it's because they thought of it. 

- If it's bad, it's because you suck. 

- You can't win. 

Honestly, I wish we could tattoo these people to save the next developer all the heartache. As soon as you realize they want it fast, good, and cheap, “run” the other way.