Why would we want to go faster?

I remember a project I worked on in a large enterprise years ago. All of their systems, believe it or not, were batch. Inventory, accounting, order processing - all data was entered into hold files, or worse, filled out with pencil and paper and turned into keypunch. All databases were updated in a large batch overnight. (Today, it’s hard to believe anyone ever did that.) 

Our project was to migrate all apps to a new real time package. They spent millions of dollars and when it was all done, the controller complained, “Who decided that we needed real time Accounts Payable? Why would we ever want to pay our bills “faster”?” 

No one had ever asked that question before. No one even thought about it. We had spent $1 million on a module nobody wanted because IT decided it. Eventually he added procedures to continue to fill out all accounts payable transactions with pencil and paper and enter them into the on-line system at the end of the day. What a waste. 

Same argument here. Some things you want faster. And you’re willing to pay for them, one way or the other. But other things should just stay the way the are. 

Some things never change: you actually have to “think” about your apps before you implement them.