“Would my money be better spent on a MBA or MSCS?”

1. Find someone who needs something.

2. Start building it.

3. Trust that when you need to learn something, you will.

The education you will receive this way will be way better than any formal education for multiple reasons.

First, you will automatically triage your lessons; you will learn what you need, not what someone else (who probably doesn’t know) thinks you need. Second, almost all the “data” you will need in this education is easily available and free. Third, for the education you need from other people, you will begin building a network you’ll need anyway. And finally, this is exactly what you’ll have to do “whether or not you get any more formal education”, so just skip the unnecessary step and get on with on. From your own self description, you already have way more formal education than you need.

This may not seem intuitive, but believe me, this is the way things get done in the real world of software development. At this point, the cream rises to the challenge regardless of education. Save your money for living expenses and start-up expenses. You’ll probably need it. Best wishes!